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Dogs have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember….dogs of all sizes, rescue dogs, Heinz 57, purebred and working dogs.  In 1995, our family fell in love with a dog named Zeus, a gorgeous Golden Retriever.  Zeus loved to hunt, was the sweetest dog ever and is truly missed.  Zeus made me realize that I wanted my own companion, a dog with the same sweet temperament but in a smaller package.  After countless hours of researching breeds, all roads pointed to the Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.  In 1999, I crisscrossed Texas and found my first Cavalier, Bailey.  It didn’t take long to decide that Bailey needed a buddy too.  Since another Cavalier was the obvious choice, I spent my time pouring over the CKCSC yearbook.  I wanted to find a really nice Cavalier, and in the process, I spoke to a dozen different breeders.  I will never forget the evening when I got the call from Paula, a show breeder who said that she may have a puppy for me.  Would I consider showing?  The moment I laid eyes on Luxxar Sweet Sixteen “Lexie,” I was hooked!  My three precious daughters were growing up too fast and leaving the nest so I needed a hobby…..DOGS!!  Lexie, The Beautiful, was not a fan of showing but nonetheless, we went to shows for two years to learn as much as possible and meet the experts. Lexie produced my first litter and first CKCSC & AKC CH Evesham Dreams Come True “Cammie.”


How grateful I am to have had such patient mentors who helped me find my way.  To those special friends that were there even during those middle of the night birthing sessions, your knowledge has been invaluable.  To all, I thank you!  


I am proud to be a member of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club, USA and all 4 regional clubs.  My dogs are all dual registered through the CKCSC, USA and the American Kennel Club (AKC)…the only valid registries in the United States.  As a member, I follow a strict Code of Ethics governed by the Club.


My “other” life includes a busy interior design/remodeling business and real estate investment.  In 2003, I found the perfect piece of property.  My parents and I made the decision to build a home together so I could help them as we deal with the issues that come with age.  My goal was to design a warm, beautiful home that would incorporate the family needs and life with dogs.  In the fall of 2005, we made the transition into our new home on Happy Trail.  Not only do we welcome our family for all of the get-togethers, it’s been a happy home for dogs of all ages.  We love the excitement that comes with a new litter, puppy breath, and the undeniable joy of holding a puppy in your arms!


I grew up with wonderful Christian parents who have been happily married for 59 years and still going strong.  What they have taught me about life is immeasurable.  My faith in God has carried me over some rocky roads and I have been strengthened.  Faith, my parents, my children and family are the things that keep me going. Several years ago, I was particularly moved by the Mission Outreach program at my church.  Once a year, I go with a team to the village of Chichicastenango, Guatemala where we build homes for families in need and teach the children Bible stories about God’s love for us.  It has changed my life beyond words.

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